About Our Crematorium

We have designed a building, and used materials, that echo the industrial heritage of the area, but which will fit into the rural setting.

It would be a modest building – about the size of two and a half tennis courts and just one storey high. A large picture window in the ceremony room will frame westerly views across the landscaped gardens. A ‘saw-tooth’ roof will flood the building with light.

Walls would be clad mostly in timber with brick footings. However, some areas (around the chapel window for instance) would be clad in an alloy called Corten that weathers down to a rust colour. The roofs would be covered with zinc. Mourners would gather in a comfortable waiting room – no standing outside in the winter waiting for a service. From there they would enter the beautiful ceremony hall.

The coffin would rest in the centre of everyone’s view, against the backdrop of a large picture window, with an outlook onto grassland and trees.
The southerly wing of the building will house offices for our staff, an area for funeral directors to wait and, of course, the cremator room.

Environment & Ecology

Local wildlife has recolonised the site in the 17 years since Bleak House mine closed. We have undertaken an ecological survey and know that the site is home to bats, birds, invertebrates and a variety of plants.

We will be building on less than ten percent of the site. Nonetheless, the challenge will be to disturb what is there as little as possible and encourage an even greater diversity of wildlife.

Much of the site will be left as it is now, but we will improve the habitat through careful management and by planting native trees and shrubs. The existing drainage ditch and marshy area will be enhanced.

We will ensure that the bats, birds, butterflies and moths currently present remain. We will also build bird boxes, reptile shelters, beetle banks and bug hotels to encourage more species.

Access and Highways

The site is next to the existing built up area of Cannock and would mean greatly reduced journey times for local people attending funerals.

Crematoria generate very low levels of traffic and our visitors tend to arrive outside the normal busy times. As a result, we don’t envisage any significant impact on the local road network.

We will provide a footpath across the site linking to the bus stop on Norton Road.

Horizon is promoting other sites in England, Scotland and Wales, including this one at Cannock.